Sheriff Virgil announces due to COVID-19 the following precautions for Hoke County Deputies, Staff, Detention, and citizens have been put in place.




  • Inmate screening questions at the time of intake

  • Temperature check in booking room at time of intake with infrared thermometer/ if they have a fever they cannot enter the facility

  • Authorizing the use of hand sanitizing for inmates, giving them extra soap, and mask.

  • Identified space with its own ventilation system so none of the air mixes with air breathed by the rest of the persons in the detention facility

  • Medical personnel on hand

  • Using one vehicle to transport individuals with symptoms

  • Ceasing all visitation/ Ceasing all attorney visits/ attorneys can schedule phone communication

  • Suspending all fingerprinting except for booking and processing inmates at Detention Center

  • Fitting all staff with protective equipment that includes N95 mask, hand sanitizer, wipes, gloves, and cleaning supplies, etc.

  • Passing out COVID-19 info to staff and Inmates

  • Phone reporting for various crimes and violations to minimize personal contact. Family members can conduct video visits that will allow them to use electronic devices (tablets, smartphones, etc.).      To setup go to



Note: To add funds to inmate canteen send money orders for US Postal Service (Only) to

PO Box 300 Raeford NC 28376

or online

or call 1-800-822-9388