No shelters are currently open at this time. 


The shelter will operate on a 24 hours basis.

Please bring your own bedding (blankets and pillows).

Transportation can be arranged to the shelter by calling the EOC at 910-848-4646.

Items Allowed at Shelter:

  • Bedding (Blankets/Pillows) *BEDDING IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED*

  • Small personal items

  • Personal Hygiene Items (soap, toothpaste, wash cloth, towel)

  • Medication

  • Clothing

  • Flashlights

  • Cards

  • Board Games

  • Food

  • Baby Food and Baby Items (diapers, blankets, etc.)

Items NOT Permitted at Shelter:

  • Pets are only allowed at the co-located animal shelter (see animal shelter info below)

  • Weapons

  • Alcohol or Illegal Drugs

  • Do NOT bring frozen food to the shelter

Accepting cats and dogs only. 

Pet shelter is for residents of the general population shelter only.  When checking out of the general population shelter you must also check your pets out of the animal shelter. 

No pets are allowed in the human shelter area.

Owners will be allowed to access their pets to feed, clean, water and exercise.

You must feed, water, and care for your own pets while sheltered (food will be provided).

Please provide leashes, any medications, and any other items your pet requires.